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The first season of the PLG Super League started with the top 16 players that qualified via PLG numerous EA Sports FIFA 15 tournaments throughout the year, and qualified Fanta Masters from the 2014 season. Season 2 will bring back these same champions in an online EA Sports FIFA 16 FUT Tournament with the latest 16 players from the 2015 Fanta Masters Tournament into seeding tables for prize and glory

EA Sports FIFA 16 FUT also introduce new tools for these players to train, including FUT Draft. Test your team building skills and pick the best player for each position from a five player draw. Make key choices based on player quality or team Chemistry. Earn bigger match prizes as you progress – win all four games in a row to earn the best rewards!

With a new version of FUT comes new FUT cards for these elite players
PLG Super League Season 2 will see all 16 players from the first season pit against the last 16 qualified Fanta Masters from the 2015 Championship Finals, including Nasser Mohammed, Mohamed Abdulrahman Naser, Ziyad AlKhozaem, Mohamed Kamali from Bahrain, Ali Sakr from UAE, Husam Toubasey from Palestine, Abdul Rahman Nasser, Abdullah AlDablan and Mohammed Alshehri from KSA, Ali Refai, Atef Zeid, Mohamed Medhat from Egypt, Fares Hamdaoui and Mohamed Belaiden from Algeria, of course current 2015 Fanta Masters Champion Bandar Almutayri from Kuwait and runner-up Seif Haddadin from Jordan

The PLG Super League is all about good management of FUT cards

Season One of the PLG Super League ended with the clash of Abdul Aziz Shiddo coming out on top against Abdullah Al Thebeiti in a convincing 2 – 0 series and will be facing Amer Rasheed who outplayed Karim Younis in a breathtaking series 2 – 0 that was much closer than the results are capable of showing. This will not be the first time these two titans clash against each other as they have went on a neck to neck battle in the semifinals of the Million Player Tournament back in 2014 that ended with a last minute goal from Amer to win the game 5 – 4 despite Abdul Aziz Shiddo being in the lead the majority of the game. Many people voted this game to be the strongest clash of the whole tournament.

You can watch the recap of the Clash of the Titans of PLG Super League - Season 1: Amer Rasheed Vs Abdul Aziz Shiddo. The Million Player vs 2010 FIWC Finalist right here.

Will PLG Super League first season champion Amer Rasheed emerge victorious?
Stay tuned as we start PLG Super League - Season 2, where you will be able to check the full brackets and standings on the Power League Gaming dedicated result page.

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