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Throughout the PLG Super League season, top FUT Players will emerge as the best, showcasing smarter tactics, better game plans, and reach to build the ultimate team to defeat their opponents.

Here's the stories of those that are honing their skills, confronting the elite, and taking one closer step to become the best of the best in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

Player Spotlight: Abdulaziz Shiddo

Abdulaziz Shiddo is a Sudanese FIFA player, who has been competing competitively since 2008. Shiddo qualified and reached the 2010 FIFA Interactive World Cup Finals in Barcelona as the first ever representative of the African continent. Other than holding the Sudanese champion title twice, Shiddo competed in the 2014 Million Player, and is one of Bahrain's Fanta Masters, bringing his home country back to the world stage. Shiddo is the runner-up of the PLG Super League Season 1

Player Spotlight: Amro Rasheed

The story of Amro Rasheed can be traced through the beginning of Power League Gaming's EA Sports FIFA tournaments. The young Palestinian has owned and learned his skills throughout his competitive years, until making the full use of it at the 2014 Million Player Tournament with PLG, winning the grand prize of, you guessed it, 1 Million AED (a whopping $273'000). If it wasn't enough to win the biggest prize in EA Sports FIFA tournaments, Amro loves to join any tournament for the thrill of competing and beating worthy opponents. Amro Rasheed is also the grand winner of the PLG Super League Season 1.

Player Spotlight: Abdullah Al-Thbaiti
Abdullah Al-Thbaiti is one of the 2014 Riyadh, KSA Fanta Masters, during our grand tournament at Gamers Day. The young Saudi EA Sports FIFA player has been thriving to compete against stronger players in local and regional tournaments as much as possible in order to prove that he's the strongest professional FIFA player. Abdullah Aletaybi, is also the only player to keep his title after our first ever edition of 2014 KSA Beat the Master challenge back in Jeddah.

Player Spotlight: Karim Younis

Originally from Egypt, Younis is one of Fanta Master that shown so much passion and skills in the competitive scene and gained the respect of his peers. Competed in over 30 different PLG tournaments, including UAE Fanta Masters, Karim is also studying to be an Aerospace Engineering and enjoys the free time he spent in tournaments. He finds great honor in being titled a Fanta Master and his cheerful attitude always brings a good vibe to the tournaments. At the end of first season of the Super League, Younis will be forever remembered as the underdog of this competition.

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