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The first season of the PLG Super League started with the top 16 players that qualified via PLG numerous EA Sports FIFA 15 tournaments throughout the year, and qualified Fanta Masters from the 2014 season. This introductory online FUT Tournament will place our first 16 players into seeding tables, and will carry on to the next season, which is bound to happen this summer.

This elite FIFA 15 league has gathered some of the best players from around the region, notably Palestinian Amer Rasheed - 2014 Million Player, 2010 FIFA Interactive World Cup in Barcelona qualifier Abdulaziz Shiddo and one of KSA's top Fanta Masters from Riyadh: Abdelaziz Khaled Aldosary. As the first round of the tournament started, we already have our final eight players which will continue, and advance with a brand new teams with fresh new FUT cards next week.

The PLG Super League is all about good management of FUT cards

Round 1 saw some intense matches between top players, notably Saeed Ahmad crushing defeat against KSA's Yazid Al-Bawarid ( 0-0 tie, 5-1 and 4-0 win in a Bo3), Uzair Marria's highest goal record (11) against Abdulhrahman Nasser.

Following round 2, amazing players crumbled in front of their opponents, including KSA's Abdelaziz Khaled Aldosary against Abdulaziz Shiddo, UAE Veteran Uzair Marria against Amer Rasheed, and even Marwan Khoory - PLG FIFA 13 Champion - was defeated by Abdullah Al-Thebaiti. Our final four players will continue next week, with brand new players and a new chance to build their best FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

After a breathtaking performance from some of the best FIFA players in the Middle East and the world, also known as the Fanta Masters. The semifinals were nothing less than a spectacle of elite skill and finesse. On one hand, we had the 2011 FIFA Interactive World Cup finalist Abdul Aziz Shiddo going against Abdullah Al-Thebeiti, one of the best players in the region known to have defeated Marwan Khoury, the champion of multiple Real Madrid café tournaments in Dubai and former FIWC Semifinalist. On the other hand, we have Amer Rasheed who is also known as the Million Player going against Karim Younis the underdog that upset some of the best Fanta Masters coming out of KSA and made his way to go against the titans of the Middle Eastern scene.

The Clash of the Titans: Amer Rasheed Vs Abdul Aziz Shiddo
The first clash ended with Abdul Aziz Shiddo coming out on top against Abdullah Al Thebeiti in a convincing 2 – 0 series and will be facing Amer Rasheed who outplayed Karim Younis in a breathtaking series 2 – 0 that was much closer than the results are capable of showing. This will not be the first time these two titans clash against each other as they have went on a neck to neck battle in the semifinals of the Million Player Tournament back in 2014 that ended with a last minute goal from Amer to win the game 5 – 4 despite Abdul Aziz Shiddo being in the lead the majority of the game. Many people voted this game to be the strongest clash of the whole tournament.

Introducing your PLG Super League first season champion: Amer Rasheed

It is our honor to present to you under the direct support of EA Sports and Fanta Masters, the Clash of the Titans: Amer Rasheed Vs Abdul Aziz Shiddo. The Million Player vs 2010 FIWC Finalist. Right here, on PLG Super League.

You can check the full brackets and league standings of PLG Super League on the Power League Gaming dedicated result page. Congratulations to Amro Rasheed for winning the first season, and we'll see you soon as we unveil the next chapter in Fall 2015.

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